Lansing woman hopes to create a family entertainment park in town

LANSING, Michigan (WLNS) – Joy Gleason has been touring Lansing for the past 5 years.

She said she was actually the only one in town doing this, but Joy started her tourism business with a different goal.

“GLAD Tours is actually a stepping stone to get to another place,” said Joy.

Joy wants to set up an amusement park for families in Lansing.

“There are rides for the family, but there are well-balanced activities for everyone in the family,” said Joy.

Joy said she got the idea back in 2007 when the country opened up after General Motors closed some of its plants. She said the park would cater for all needs.

“The adults would be there because they might want to take advantage of a museum or a high-end, full-service restaurant,” Joy said.

For the past 14 years she has worked to create this park.

“I went to LCC. I have 2 degrees there; one in finance and one in business administration. I trained at Spring Arbor University, ”said Joy.

Joy graduated from Lansing Community College in 2012.

Recently, with some advice, she started the Lansing Economic Area Partnership, GLAD Tours.

Joy said everything she did brought her closer to her dream, from taking tours to being appointed to the Ingham County Fair Board.

She said she had come a long way and she was still there in the long run.

“I was passionate enough to go back to school and get three degrees for five years to make this a reality. That is my goal. That’s what drives me, ”said Joy.

Joy said she has a business plan in place and her next step is to conduct an economic impact study. She said this would open the door to raise money for the project.

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