Lansing fire rescues three teens after falling through ice

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Lansing fire department received a call around 3:20 Saturday afternoon after someone heard yelling in the old gravel pits behind the 3700 block of Stoneleigh drive in southeast Lansing.

When they arrived, they saw two teenagers above the ice and were told one was underneath.

One had gotten out by himself.

Another was pulled out of the water by fire crews within a couple of minutes.

Thanks to the Lansing police dive team, and firefighters, they were able to find the third, and get him above the water after nearly 40 minutes.

They started CPR right away and took all three teens to a local hospital, one in critical condition.

The Lansing Fire Chief says no body of water is going to be safe in the area, and while this rescue was successful if you go out on the ice you are putting others in danger.

“The resources that we committed to this event, just for one person was eleven personnel just from the Lansing Fire Department… We had three successful rescues, you know two people noncritical yes we do have one patient that was in critical condition… It’s really tough because of the ice rescue this year, ice is you know always intriguing for people. That ice should be at least four inches thick, that’s a long-term freeze and a lot of cold, we haven’t seen that this year in this part of the state. So all ice in this part of the state should be considered as dangerous. Period,” said Assistant Chief Michael Tobin.

The assistant chief said that cold water drowning can extend the time for resuscitation due to the freezing temperatures slowing the metabolism. They have not received any update on the condition of the three teens.

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