Lansing couple receives Sparrow’s highest honor

LANSING, MI – If you’ve ever met Charles and Lexcie Blockett of Lansing, you know they are the epitome of Sparrow volunteers – selfless, compassionate, gracious, and humble.

After a pandemic-related delay, the Blocketts were recently honored (in a private, socially distant setting) with the Sparrow Founders’ Award 2020, the healthcare system’s highest recognition. The award is presented to a volunteer, community member, or retired carer who has made a positive impact on the health of Mid-Michigan. A public ceremony is usually held in March to mark the anniversary of Sparrow’s founding as an organization, but the ceremony has been postponed for the past two years due to the pandemic.

In addition to outstanding careers in state government and the private sector, the Blocketts are dedicated to Sparrow and the community. Charles joined the Sparrow Foundation Board in 2009 and is now Chairman Emeritus. Lexcie has served with the Mary Magdalen League (St. Lawrence gift shop) and on the Sparrow Women’s Board of Directors.

You’ve given Sparrow countless hours, served on various committees, made many new friends for the Sparrow Foundation, promoted diversity and inclusion efforts, and recruited dozens of potential volunteers.

Both cancer survivors played a vital role in the campaign to build the Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center.

At this time in which we are facing so many challenges in the healthcare sector, it is good to focus on volunteers like the Blocketts and how they continue to work to improve the lives of Sparrow’s patients and caregivers. As this pandemic builds up again, volunteers at Sparrow are still working almost anywhere that affects the public.

Sparrow currently has approximately 650 volunteers at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing and another 165 at our community hospitals. Some have served Sparrow for over 45 years. The volunteers sit under the

Umbrella of the Women’s Hospital Association, led by the Women’s Board of Managers, which continues the work of the 114 women who founded Sparrow in 1896.

Volunteers help out in our Surgical Lounge and help families who are waiting for their loved ones to have an operation. They manage our souvenir shops, which are full-fledged retail stores. Volunteers were key to our COVID-19 clinics helping with traffic controls and even giving vaccines. Volunteers guide and help patients and visitors to find their way around. College and adult volunteers work as patient concierges, visiting and assisting patients with non-clinical needs such as water and coffee, among other things. Discharge workers help wheelchair patients as they leave our hospitals. Volunteers also work in our Herbert Herman Cancer Center and other units, helping with office support and supply chain requirements.

The Sparrow Guild and Sparrow Foundation Women Working Wonders (W3) develop, plan, and conduct fundraisers to inspire our community and secure resources that support patient care.

Volunteers are vital at Sparrow’s Community Hospitals too, offering a friendly face and living the Sparrow Values ​​to ensure exceptional care close to where you live.

These volunteers have been instrumental in Sparrow’s 125 years of caring for the community and deserve our deep gratitude. Interested in volunteering at Sparrow? Go to

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