Grand Rapids non-profit is on a mission to empower the disabled through the creation of its dog biscuits.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (WXYZ) – Beer City Dog Biscuits is a not for profit based in Grand Rapids, MI.

The company’s core mission is to empower people with disabilities through the production of its dog biscuits. Each treat is handcrafted and packaged with care by the adult staff called Brew Bakers, a team of disabled adults who are at the core of the company culture and business process. At BCDB, every brew baker develops valuable skills at every step of the biscuit baking process, from mixing the dough to packing biscuits.

In 2018, Tad and Suzanne Wilcox and David and Leslie Hooker formed a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit on behalf of their adult sons, both of whom have disabilities. A living community for people with developmental disabilities is the long-term vision of this non-profit organization. The immediate need is to enable them to be productive every day. Beer City Dog Biscuits’ business is tailored to the unique skills of each volunteer and employee so that they can participate in all aspects of the business. They plan / forecast requirements, pack, bake, label and weigh bags, pack and process orders. In addition, employees identify sales opportunities, calculate costs, count cash and credit sales and make bank deposits. Volunteer managers support and accompany the process; Each level is deliberately created to support project-based learning and work skills development that enable employees to learn valuable life skills.

The co-founders of Beer City Dog Biscuits believe that all people, regardless of their skills, enrich the community. People with disabilities are essential; without their presence in workplaces, neighborhoods, and churches, fellowship is incomplete.

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