Bold Advanced Medical Future Health Plans Grand Rapids, Michigan, Headquarters

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Theranostics and radiopharmaceutical innovator Bold Advanced Medical Future Health (BAMF) will invest $ 30 million and establish its headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company expects over 200 life science jobs.

The company will rent at least SF35,000 in the new Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building, located in Michigan State University’s Grand Rapids Innovation Park on the northeast corner of Monroe Avenue and Michigan Street on the west end of the famous Medical Mile corridor. In addition to the Clinic for Radiopharmacy and Theranostics, the location will serve as corporate headquarters for the BAMF. The facility is expected to house the world’s most advanced cyclotron-equipped radiopharmaceutical, molecular imaging and theranostics clinic.

According to The Right Place, the first dual cyclotron radiopharmaceutical of its kind will be producing novel radiopharmaceuticals on site, so that cancer patients will receive confirmed diagnosis and treatment in a state-of-the-art theranostic clinic on the same day. The facility will also supply diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals and independent clinics in the West Michigan area.

“The BAMF Health Precision Medicine Platform is considered the first and only platform of its kind worldwide,” said Dr. Anthony Chang, Founder and CEO of BAMF Health. “We are eager and honored to bring BAMF Health’s life-saving technology to patients in 2022. Our approach to achieving intelligence-based precision medicine will focus on effective therapies through accurate and early diagnosis. It will guide patients to the most effective treatment, prevent unnecessary procedures and side effects, improve quality of life and outcomes, and reduce costs. “

The new BAMF headquarters is scheduled to open in February 2022, which corresponds to the opening of the 210,000 SF. Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building. During the planning and development of the Grand Rapids Innovation Park, the city of Grand Rapids played a key role in making the park a success.

“The MSU Grand Rapids Innovation Park is designed to create a healthcare innovation hub that will drive collaboration between academic research (biomedicine, bioengineering and technology), healthcare providers and the healthcare industry in the commercialization, patenting and licensing of health innovations,” said Norman J. Beauchamp Jr., MD, MHS, MSU Executive Vice President, Health Sciences. “The radiopharmaceutical that BAMF Health is leasing from MSU in the Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building embodies this vision and is the result of a collaboration between The Right Place, the city of Grand Rapids, private philanthropy and Michigan State University. Ultimately, new and better ways are being found here to bring health to everyone. “

The Right Place provided a variety of all-round business services to ensure BAMF’s successful landing in Grand Rapids. The organization started partnering with BAMF at the end of 2016 and established numerous connections and introductions for the young startup. In 2017, The Right Place introduced the company (then called Rethink Imaging) to Michigan State University and Dr. Beauchamp before. As this new relationship grew rapidly, The Right Place team made connections with local capital resources for financial support and bespoke research services.

“This project was a must for our team,” said Randy Thelen, President and CEO of The Right Place, Inc. “The technology and innovation that BAMF is bringing to cancer detection and treatment has the potential to save countless lives and to significantly increase the worldwide presence of Medical Mile. “

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